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August 30, 2014 

    Chuseok Schedule

    All our delivery service will stop from Friday to Wednesday (September 5 ~ 10) due to Chuseok.

    And our shop will be closed from Sunday to Wednesday (September  7 ~ 10)

    Have a nice time with Chuseok!!


    March. 4, 2014


    Happy birthday Buddha! Thank you for your kindness and the all good times!

    Normal delivery and store hours will resume on Wednesday. 


    March 9, 2014

     New Caps  

    New Caps!!

    We got new caps with a better seal.  Bottle with confidence.  Click here for caps.

    April 25, 2014

     Cancelation & Ticket Refund  

    Due to the Korean homebrewing laws, unfortunately, this event has been canceled.

    If you bought a ticket through us, please email us and provide the following info in order to receive a refund of your money.  

    Your Name: (name on the original order you placed)
    Number of tickets you ordered:
    Amount of money, you paid us: (if you didn't yet pay for the tickets you ordered please say 0)
    Name on Bank account to transfer to: (Name of the person who owns the account you want us to transfer to.  Please keep it the same as the person who ordered to avoid confusion
    Your Bank Name: (e.g. KB, KEB, Hana, etc.)
    Your Bank Account Number:
    Your Telephone Number: (just in case we need to contact you.)

    Also, Please paste this into the email's subject line:  

    " Spring Beer Festival CANCELLATION "


    March 9, 2014

     the Brew Pot Luck  

    Event Canceled

    Due to the Korean homebrewing laws, unfortunately, we will no longer be holding any events that involve sharing or drinking homebrewed beers.  Sorry, and let's hope for, and work towards more friendly homebrewing laws in the future. 

    Seoul Homebrew wants to hold a home brew pot luck event on the first Saturday of every month starting on Saturday, April 5th.  There are no costs involved with this event, but please bring 3-5 bottles of your own brews to drink and share with others.  We want to make this a regular thing where we can gather, drink and talk about important issues such as beer foam and Fuggles.

    Check out the facebook event to let us know if you want to come. 

    March 8, 2014

     New Mash Tuns  

    Have you been thinking about getting into all-grain brewing? We've got new mash tuns coolers ready to go. The perfect size for a normal 5 gallon batch. All-grain brewing can actually be considerably cheaper than extract brewing, and this is the only extra piece of equipment you need to get started.


    Jan. 24, 2014

     Happy Seollal !!  

    There will be no delivery service during Seollal break.  Sunday 28th will be the last day we can ship, so please get your orders in as soon as possible if you plan to brew during the break.  We will close the store on Thursday & Friday (30th-31st) and be open for regular hours on the other days.  


     Jan. 21, 2014

    Restocked LME and DME and New Products!

     New Items include:

    Jan. 10, 2014

     Supplies restocked & New Products up the Wazoo!!  


    Sang Gop Park


    Our latest order has arrived, so almost everything is available again. Extracts and some of our out-of-stock equipment and hops should arrive next week. 

    Also we have quite a few new products to offer including the following.



    Finally, Please welcome our new full timer and all around go to guy when interacting with our Korean customers and companies...

    Mr. Sang Gop Park! 

    Nov. 26, 2013

     Glass Carboys  

    We now carry glass carboys!  Get yours HERE

    Nov. 19, 2013

     Price Cuts  

    Seoul Homebrew is happy to say that as promised, prices are being reduced. 

    Seoul Homebrew's goal is to establish loyal customers, and do the best we can to serve their home-brewing needs. From the beginning we made a commitment to be as consistent as possible with the products, and try to be as competitive as possible with our prices. This is our first big step towards honoring that goal. 


    Oct. 25, 2013

     Price Change Alert 

          We've changed all of our prices to include the VAT tax in the cost of each product.  Your end cost will still the same, but now you won't be surprised by added tax at the end.

    Note:  Members should still deduct their membership discount when checking out online.   


    Oct. 15, 2013

     New Product Alert 

           We've added Iodophor sanitizer to our line-up.  Use as a sanitizer for all your brewing equipment: kettles, pails, bottles and more.


    Get this economical and powerful sanitizer here

    Sept. 27, 2013

     Upstairs Construction 

          Just to let you know, the business above Seoul Homebrew is under construction for a couple weeks causing a lot of dust and noise. The good news is the construction upstairs is another craft beer pub opening here in Itaewon, Hoorah!!!. So just as a heads up, Seoul Homebrew will be open regular store hours but the store front door will be closed to reduce dust. Just walk on in, we look forward to seeing you.



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